Black Car Service Atlanta

Find a Black Car Service in Atlanta, GA and avoid extra Charges

Renting a car in USA is preferable and a simple task. People prefer renting cars rather than owning them because it is difficult to keep up with maintenance costs and installment payments. It is easy and simple to just rent a car for long trips and vacations. There are many rental car agencies located all over Georgia. You .ca easily compare all of them and get a black car service Atlanta. You can compare a lot of rental agencies and then choose the one that is best for your budget and needs. Many of the rental agencies charge extra for their services and don’t say anything when you book your car. When the bill is in your hand, you will be infuriated to see additional costs and per hour charges as well. You will feel that you have been ripped off of your hard-earned money. This is where we come in and guide you to get a premium car service without wasting huge bucks. It is a simple task but some rental agencies make it very difficult and complex so they can charge you more. Few tips have been listed below so you can avoid a complete rip off just to rent a car.

Book a Rental Car Service Earlier

This is literally the best way to avoid paying extra dollars at the rental agency counter. If you want to travel tomorrow and call them that you need a black car service Atlanta then you will be surprised to know the amount they are going to charge you. Even if you want a simple car like Ford, they will ask you to give them a piece of your inheritance. You should book a car 2 days prior to your travel date to avoid any inconvenience and extra charges. This will also get you the car of your own choice. You won’t have to get an old manual car at the rental price of a Porsche, just because it was the only option available at the moment. Keep in mind this earlier booking tip, it will help you a lot. The duration of renting a car also matters a lot. Most of the car rental agencies charge on a 24-hour basis so, if you took a car at 11 am and brought it back the next day at 12pm then you won’t just have to pay for an extra hour, you will be asked to pay for a full day. They will make lame excuses like you are late we lost a customer because of this now you have to cover up for that. You can take the car for this day too but you will have to pay us for another day otherwise we won’t return you your driver’s license. Atlanta black car service is preferable because they will forego an hour or two for their loyal customers. Return the car as soon as possible to avoid charges. Don’t wait up for the deadline.

Manual Transmission or Automatic

In USA, we will only see automatic cars driving on the roads. A very few manual shifting car or as we call them a stick are seen on the roads. These cars are considered as difficult to drive but in our opinion it is a piece of cake. If you know how to drive a  automatic car then you will be able to drive a manual car easily. You just have to learn how to shift gears and that’s it. The clutch management is tricky but you will learn it in a jiff. This will save you a lot of rent money in long term as manual cars rental costs comparatively less than automatic ones.


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Super Stretch Limo up to 8 passengers

8 Passengers
8 leather seats
CD Player

Super Stretch Hummer 15 passengers

15 Passengers
Leather J Seat up to 15 passengers
Mirrored Ceiling
3 Flat Screen TVs

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limo seats up to 12 passengers

12 Passengers
Bar Area With Ice Chests & Glassware
Perimeter Seating
Two large Flat Screen Televisions

Lincoln MKS Seats 4 passengers

4 Passengers
Air conditioning
AM/FM stereo
CD player and MP3 player connection

Size of the Car

The size of the car really does matter. If you are not going for a long trip and don’t need much luggage then there is no need to go for a Bentley. You can easily rent a small car for 4 person’s and be on your way. This will save you dollars and you can spend this dollars on something nice like a jet ski. These little things will help you in saving money. Believe us we have a lot of experience in such things. The fuel mileage of that car would also be impressive.

Fuel Charges

Some of the rental car agencies are cunning foxes and they hand you over the car with a full tank so, they can charge you for the fuel that you used. You will end up giving them extra changes for the fuel. If the fuel costs 3 USD per litre then you will most probably a 5 USD per litre for the fuel that you used. This is completely outrageous and disgusting behavior of these companies. Always ask for a car with enough space for fuel that will be necessary for your whole trip. Don’t use their fuel. Also check Atlanta corporate car service. This service provides luxury cars and Business cars for your official and corporate traveling. You can make up a good impression on your first date if you show up in the back of a limousine.

Driver Charges

Most of the rental agencies will also offer you a driver to take with you. They will charge extra for the driver and you will end up paying a lot of money. This will just make things expensive for your black car service Atlanta. If you know how to drive, have a license problem and don’t have a drinking problem then you can surely drive a rental car without needing a driver.

Cancellation Charges for Black Car Service Atlanta

There are numerous cases in which car companies charge an amount when you cancel your booking. They will not return you the whole amount but 50 or 60 percent of the given amount. This is nothing but a money making agenda. Choose a rental car agency with a free cancellation policy if you inform 24 hours beforehand.

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